Foods That Benefit Your Health

Mmmm. Looks “berry” delicious.

If you haven’t heard, eating certain foods (and delicious we might add) can bring back that shine that you may feel like you’ve been losing lately. If you’ve been getting migraines from stressful exams, are suffering from those not-so-fun cramps, or feel like you’re lacking energy lately, we have some easy fixes for you. And you can eat them.

•Eat fatty fish (salmon) to get rid of migranes
•Get more vitamin C in your diet by eating oranges and berries
Peppermint tea gets relieve cramps
Apples and pears can help constipation
•Apricots, yams, cantaloupe, carrots, and spinach can clear up acne
•Use ginger (a herb) in your soup to help gain back energy
Steam food instead of boiling it anytime you can to retain nutrients


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