Is Charlie Sheen Really #Winning After All?

Goddesses, drugs, & interns, oh my!

I wish I was a goddess. But not just any goddess… one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses. They have the perfect life. They get to wait on Crazy Charlie all hours of the day and night, clean the house, and even babysit his kids. Who wouldn’t want to live like that? Okay, I’m not that crazy. No one wants to live like that. Except three “attractive” girls, that is.

Charlie is really living every guy’s dream. He has a huge house. He has a lot of money. Oh, and he’s sharing it with an ex-porn star, a nanny, and a past sorority girl. Sounds like a constant party to me!

Not only is he dating three women (eww), but he’s also looking for another person to share his life withan intern. Sure, being a #tigerbloodintern sounds like a blast, but anyone who ends up in that position will probably fear for their life before the summer comes to an end. In the past, Charlie has been accused of abusing  his girlfriends, so what will stop him from getting on an intern that didn’t make his coffee up to a mighty #warlock’s level?

I’m sick of his over-use of hashtags, and I’m getting really sick of anything Sheen in general. What do you think of all of the madness behind Charlie Sheen, his goddesses, and his search for a summer intern?


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One Response to Is Charlie Sheen Really #Winning After All?

  1. Anonymous says:

    i wanna intern with sheeney!

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