Where to Meet Mr. Right

Why hello, Prince Charming.

Haven’t met your knight in shining armor yet? Not a problem. We have the perfect places (and places to avoid) to find your Prince Charming. It’s just a matter of time before you’re living your very own happily ever after.

One of the hardest things about wanting to meet Mr. Right is not knowing where to find him. After some extensive research (and lots of experience), we have the best and worst places to find the guy you might spend the rest of your life with… or at least get a couple free dinners out of.

The Supermarket
Yeah, yeah, we know what it sounds like. Lame. But guys have to eat, too! Go grab a cart, start filling it up, and you may just bump into a cutie who doesn’t know which type of peanut butter to get. You could be the girl that helps him solve that problem. Smooth or crunchy? You tell us.

A Tech Store/Home Depot
Might sound odd, but the next time you spot an Apple store or a Home Depot, get in there as fast as you can. Guys like their gadgets and tools and there’s bound to be a whole group of them in their awing over the new iPad or a brand new hammer. One thing- you might want to brush up on your knowledge of these things before you go inside so you actually have some conversation starters.

The Dog Park
If you have a dog, this is the place to be. Going to a dog park is a great way to meet a guy who has the same interests as you. Great excuse for a date? Asking him if he wants to let your dogs have a play date. We’re sure he won’t be able to resist.

Sporting Events
If you want to go to an event with hundreds of eligible men to chose from, you better score some tickets to a baseball or basketball game pronto. Grab some girlfriends and go to a game (even if you have no idea what’s happening during it). You’ll most likely be seated between a bunch of screaming sport-fanatic men and love every second of it.

Where to avoid… 

A Bar
Think back. When have you ever met a guy at a bar that ended up turning out good? And we don’t mean good as in a one night stand. Most guys go to bars with one thing in mind- getting lucky. If you don’t want to be the “lucky” one, or want an actual relationship, head somewhere else. If you’ve actually met a good guy at a bar, props to you! We sure haven’t.

The Gym
Guys at the gym are usually so set on pumping up their muscles that they’re not going to take the time to stop doing their butt blaster workout to come make conversation. This is unfortunate because their butt blasters usually are doing the trick (yum), so maybe catch them as they’re going out of the door. Parking lot convo’s, anyone?

Where do you have the best luck meeting men?


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One Response to Where to Meet Mr. Right

  1. Emily says:

    the gym does = a bad idea! tried to get a guys attention once and he almost dropped him dumbbell on himself. oops!

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