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Louis Johnson’s Bucket List

Look at that face. Y-u-m. You may know him as Liz Lee’s drool-worthy love interest on “My Life as Liz,” or from his voice in his band Augustine that will seriously make you melt, but either way, he’s here to tell … Continue reading

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Oh Hey, Summer: Au Naturael Chic

The title’s French, so it has to be good. With summer well on its way, it’s time to get rid of those sleeves and get a little sunshine in your system. It’s still a little chilly, but that’s not going … Continue reading

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The Best Ways to Get Rid of Arm Hair

Look like this? Read on. Some people love their arm hair- but those are usually the girls with the very fine, blonde, barely-noticeable fuzz growing out of their flawless arm skin. Others have arms that could easily be mistaken for … Continue reading

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Royally Fashionable

Doing it princess style. A royal style icon has been born. Princess-to-be Kate Middleton, 29, has proven that she can look radiant without a stylist and with street style designs like in her favorite store TK-Max, the U.K. version of … Continue reading

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Putting the “Friendly” Back in “Eco-Friendly"

Seriously. This is coming from the girl who speaks to animals on a regular basis. This is also coming from the girl who drinks water out of tulip stems. I promote the “green” lifestyle every day. Sure, there are a … Continue reading

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Throw a Smashing Royal Wedding Party

One lump of sugar or two? Will and Kate. Some of us can’t get enough, and some of us have had enough! Love them or hate them, some of us might be waking up bright and early to catch what … Continue reading

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6 Rain Boots Under $50

Nothing is raining on my parade. It’s raining. Your hair has completely frizzed out, you’re freezing, and you just want to stay in bed all day. When rainy days are getting you down, at least you’ll have one thing you … Continue reading

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