Healthy Weekend Snacks You’ll Love

Ashton knows what’s good for ya.

You know sitting around all weekend watching movies, surfing the Internet, and avoiding homework at all costs, is going to make you want to stuff your mouth with something tasty. This weekend, make sure that tasty something is something healthy. And also delicious. It’s a win-win situation!

Carrot Sticks & Fat-Free Ranch Dip
It’s simple, it’s easy, and it won’t make you feel bloated and want to die after you get done eating. Unless you down a whole bottle of Ranch.

Ants on a Log
It’s a classic and it’s bound to fill your cravings. Grab some celery sticks, smear some peanut butter on them, plop some “ants” on it (or raisins, whichever you prefer) and you’re set.

Mini Pizzas
If you want to stay clear of devouring a whole pizza, why not make some cute miniature ones? Get some English muffins and cut them in half. Spread pizza sauce on top of it then cover it with shredded cheese. Top it with your favorite meats (pepperoni and sausage, perhaps) and whatever else your little heart desires. Last, bake your masterpiece in the oven at 350 degrees for 7-10 minutes or until all of the juicy cheese is melted. Then eat it.

We’re nuts for nuts. Seriously. They can get rather expensive, but they’ll last you quite awhile. We suggest almonds, pecans, or cashews. They’re better than popping chips in your mouth and they give you lots of vitamins (yay!).

Cheese & Crackers
A block of cheese at the grocery store is only a few buckaroos, and when you set one of those hunks (well, cut-up hunks, not the whole block of cheese) on top of a cracker, your mouth will love you. You may even drool a little bit… just sayin’.

Dried Fruit
Walmart sells a fantasic variety of dried fruit in cute little packages. They’re a quick snack and easy to stuff into your purse and head out of the door with. I would avoid prunes though… unless you want to be peeing for the rest of the day.

What’s your favorite healthy snack?


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