Snooki is a Pro-Wrestler?

Get ‘um, Snooks!

We’ve all seen Snooki get into it with her Jersey Shore housemates (brawl with Angelina, anyone?), but who would have thought she would take it to the next level and fist pump her way into the world of WWE “Raw.”

The fans were going nuts, and as Snooki said, she “had the best time of her life.” We always figured any form of smushing was the best time of her life, but evidently pounding other wrestler’s heads into the (soft) mat is just as invigorating. What’s next for Snooki? She seems to have done it all. I’m voting being the world champion of a pickle-eating contest, but that’s just me.


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One Response to Snooki is a Pro-Wrestler?

  1. Anonymous says:

    snooki is so awesome. not going to lie.

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