Music to Make Your Monday Less Sucky

Put c’yo hands uppp!

Mondays are always a drag. You have a killer weekend then have to go right back to a long day of listening to professors talk about things that you really don’t want to hear about or your boss giving you assignments you would rather not do. So here’s some music to get you pumped up for the day that should just be taken off of the schedule completely.

My Blahday Monday Playlist

I’d get “jiggy with it” with Will Smith any day. Okay, not really, but this song is hard to beat.

Go somewhere you can dance around and let your inner gangsta loose. Yeah, it’ll look ridiculous. And whatever you do, don’t forget the base.

If “Baby One More Time” can’t turn your day around, nothing can.

Ahhhhh, “Ocean Avenue.” Makes me want to go swimming.

You’re all All Stars! And you won’t be able to resist singing along.

A Night at the Roxbury, anyone?

I’m sorry, I’m biased ’cause I’m a major Gleek. Sorry Cee Lo, But I love this version better!

What do you like to listen to on Mondays to make starting the week a little less sucky?


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One Response to Music to Make Your Monday Less Sucky

  1. Anonymous says:

    yep, def danced to all of these today!

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