Gambling: No Jackpot After All

Looks pretty, but the after effect isn’t.

Gambling has a devastating effect to those in their early twenties that are new to it. Many twenty-somethings don’t realize just how serious gambling can be. Once some people start, it’s a hard habit to break, and most don’t realize just how much it’s affecting them until it’s too late.

A form of gambling that many have a serious addiction to is lottery tickets. Commercials of lucky young people winning lottery tickets are shown everyday, but what the viewer doesn’t see is the problems caused by continually buying tickets and not winning. You can imagine how much money adds up over time. Enough to buy more pairs of shoes then you could ever fill your closet with.

A huge amount of gambling is also done on the Internet through many different websites. Whether you’re playing Blackjack or betting on March Madness games, you’re probably losing a good chunk of change either way.

Lying, stealing, and being sneaky aren’t the only problems gambling can cause. Having an addiction affects the amount of time you may be gambling. Gambling doesn’t just cause arguments, but can actually affect the way family members look up to you. Losing the respect of your family and friends, and losing your income, can cause the gambler to become depressed.

Are playing the tables and spending half of your paycheck on lottery tickets really worth it? The likelihood of winning the jackpot is pretty slim. If you’re concerned with gambling and want to get help, there are different hotline numbers available for people who don’t want to go in and see a counselor, but just want to talk.

If you wish to talk to someone about a gambling addiction, call 1.800.522.4700 to reach a 24 Hour Confidential National Gambling Hotline.


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One Response to Gambling: No Jackpot After All

  1. Anonymous says:

    my cousin had a really bad gambling problem…

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