Twenty-Something Adventures: Baby Got Back

Let me give you some background first. Living at home during college, I wasn’t exactly into the party scene. I’m not saying I was a complete dork, but I just tend to gravitate towards more laid back situations. Not to mention on my 21st birthday when I should have been…

living it up, my purse and all its contents got stolen before I could have even two drinks (but that’s another story!) So normally I’m not one to drink too much or dance. Especially dance to “Baby Got Back.” On a stage. But that’s just what I did last weekend. Gulp.

It all started going out for one of my friend’s 21st birthdays. She’s pretty introverted like me, so I was kinda surprised when she decided she wanted to go to a local dueling piano bar. I’d been there before, she hadn’t. It is the kind of piano bar with biker and rock star-looking singers who play piano and drums and like to make fools out of drunk people. The last time I went with my friends, we were seated towards the front and I hid behind my boyfriend every time they shined that darn light at us, yelling at people to sing along or come up on stage.

This time however, I found myself up on the stage, staring back at a scary-looking dude singing “I like big butts….” and asking me to shake mine. And all I kept thinking was “Why did they have to make us come up here after my drinks were starting to wear off?!?!?”

My newly 21, realllllly drunk friend was shaking her thing like nobody’s business. This was her second time up on stage with other birthday girls and they demanded her girlfriends come up. Normally, I would shake my head and hide in the background, but whatever it was, the adrenaline, the opportunity…. shoved me right on up there.

And even though it was probably one of the weirdest, most embarrassing, creepiest things to happen to me as a twentysomething, it was also exhilarating and fun. It definitely taught me to stop being so afraid of making a fool out of myself and just shake my bootay.

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♥AUTHOR: LAUREN STEWART of “Lauren’s Thoughts”

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One Response to Twenty-Something Adventures: Baby Got Back

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now this sounds like a fun night! hahaha

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