A Little Genius: To Send Or Not to Send?

Genius. Pure genius.

There’s this online magazine called the College Crush that we’re really diggin’ over here at Love Twenty. Any thing love-related is their specialty, from hooking up to battling technology. Here’s a little slice of relationship heaven from you, straight from their very own, Blunt Delivery.

Put on those sunglasses ladies cause I’m about to blindside you with a simple truth that will revolutionize your life. I’ve suffered from a bad habit for about 90% of my life. It’s called– prematurely hitting the ‘send’ button. Whether it be a text or a lengthy email, you should never send that puppy when you are at the height of your emotions. I used to just blame it on the fact that I’m Italian and impatient, but I now realize that this applies to most women who are going through a crisis. Please, for the love of irreversible embarrassment, follow these guidelines before sending a letter, text or email.

1. Sleep before sending. Okay, I’m human. And I’m female. I realize that makes this statement nearly impossible. BUT, you have to do it. And since I’ve got about ten years of embarrassment on you – what I say goes. I cannot even count how many times I have had an emotional conversation, whether it be a breakup or the end of a friendship, and I’ve immediately gone home and composed a letter. Who’s with me? Because, obviously, in the heat of the moment you can’t remember all the genius points that you will think of as you’re driving home in the car, crying after said conversation. So, of course, you have to write out your thoughts in one final letter in hopes of proving your point and making them feel like crap. Am I right or am I right?

Here’s the problem with that. After you’ve been crying all night, possibly drinking, and your emotions are off the hook – you are in no shape to form cohesive thoughts. If it makes you feel better, fine. Write the letter. But PLEASE do not send it until you have had a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, you will wake up in the morning and not only will you realize that you no longer have a boyfriend – you will also realize that you sent him a highly emotional, borderline pathetic letter that he is probably currently showing all of his friends.

2. Get a second opinion. Just like any disease, you need a second opinion when sending a letter of finality. It took me years to realize that a close friend’s opinion is invaluable when it comes to this stuff. One time, a friend read over a very important letter I had composed, and she saw things that I didn’t even realize would have been taken completely wrong. You need someone who isn’t involved in the emotions of the situation to reel you in if you’re being too ridiculous and to help you effectively communicate.

3. Don’t send on assumption. Never, and I repeat NEVER send a letter or text or email based on assumption. “Oh… he hasn’t responded to my texts all night – he’s cheating! I knew it!” No, no, no. You will feel like a gigantic idiot the next day when you find out that his grandma died and you sent him a five-part breakup text. I don’t care if you are 99% sure that your friend is the culprit of that rumor flying around about you – do not act until you have proof!! This will only make you out to be a total spaz.

Keep sane,

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2 Responses to A Little Genius: To Send Or Not to Send?

  1. Sam says:

    This is so true! Great article.

  2. Anonymous says:


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