Spice Up Your Neutrals

Rollin’ in my white teeee.

Whites, blacks, and grays are great. They’re easy to wear and go with everything. But, they can get kind of boring. So how can you spice up your neutrals? We’ll show you.

Black tee’s. They’re cheap, they’re slimming, and they’re easy to keep wearing over and over in the same exact way. The next time you slip on your black tee, try something new. Put on a bright pair of sandals and add a piece of colorful jewelry. Both pieces will change your look from drab to fab.

Gray is another fabulous color. Problem? It can get pretty boring as well. Instead of wearing a plain, gray tank top, add an interesting, colorful necklace and a pair of coral-colored sandals. These pieces will instantly brighten up your look and make you want summer to roll around that much more.

Ahhhh, the white tee. The most popular of all tee’s. There’s even a song about it. It’s really easy to dress up a white tee, because pretty much any color you pair with it can work. Adding some bright wedges and either a very bold, colorful necklace or a more quaint, stone necklace will look great as the colors pop against the white.

Can’t get enough accessories to go with your neutrals? Don’t worry, there’s more! Another great way to spice up a boring, solid shirt is to add a scarf, a belt, wristlet, sunglasses, or a purse to the look.

The next time you want to just do the same ‘ole black-shirt-and-jeans look, think again.


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One Response to Spice Up Your Neutrals

  1. Anonymous says:

    adorable. all of them!

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