Makeup Tips for a Fabulous Summer

Summer is just around the corner!

As it snows and rains outside my window the past few days, I long for summer. For longer and warmer days spent by the pool, walking to get ice cream, or simply being able to work on my laptop outdoors instead of freezing inside. Is your beauty regimen prepared for humidity after a long dry winter? Here are some fabulous makeup tips to get you ready for the sun!


1. Use a makeup primer to keep your face oil-free and fabulous. I’ve tried Too Faced Primed & Poreless and Urban Decay Primer Potion. If you like a makeup setting spray, try Urban Decay’s line of setting sprays for oily or dry skin. While these don’t always work perfectly in the heat and humidity, they definitely can help keep your makeup looking flawless. Get an invisible powder for touch-ups too!

2. Get glowing with bronzers and blushes. I love using combo packs that come with a bronzer and a blush in the same package – you can use one or the other or combine them for a beautiful glow. I also like the new Physician’s Formula Happy Booster blush and bronzers for a cute, summery look.

3. Break out the bright polishes! You’ve been using nude or dark colors all winter long, now is the time for fun nails. Start using bright and bold colors like pink, orange, blue, yellow, and even neon shades. Try new nail stickers in the brightest color or pattern you can: anything that screams “summer fun”!
4. Make sure you have light foundation or even better, tinted moisturizer that matches your skin now… and when you get a little color. This is one of the biggest mistakes girls often make. They only have one color of foundation or powder and the second they get a tan, they look washed out with makeup on. Try to always keep on hand a few shades for when you’re lighter and darker. Tinted moisturizer is the best for summer because it isn’t heavy (you probably don’t need a lot of cover-up in the summer!) and stays put.

5. Invest in some waterproof mascara and cream eye shadow. You’ll be happy you did on that spontaneous pool adventure when all your friends have dripping black eyes and you still look fresh.
Remember that makeup in the summer doesn’t have to be caked on and is more about fun than about coverage. Keep it natural and let your glowing beauty shine through!

♥AUTHOR: LAUREN STEWART of “Lauren’s Thoughts”

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