Give Your Home Some Personality

Just try to resist.

Having your own place is pretty sweet. Whether it’s a dorm or an apartment, or maybe the basement of your parent’s house, there are ways of really making it your own. Here are some adorable items to add personality into your humble abode.

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We found seven items online that are unique, affordable, and bound to give your home some personality.

If you’re a fan of animal print, this zebra chair is a steal at $40. More of a cheetah print lover? This cheetah lamp is slightly more expensive at $90.

Need a vase? This bright and colorful, uniquely-shaped vase is only $9.95.

Everyone loves a good poster to brighten up the room. This pink Eiffel Tower poster (can we go there, please?) is a steal at $5.00.

How about some others odds & ends? This “George the Terrier” ceramic statue is adorable. Need a ring holder? Make it a love bunnies ring holder. How about something to stick your toothbrush in? Might as well be a hippo.

What fun, unique items do you have in your home to give it some personality?


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One Response to Give Your Home Some Personality

  1. Anonymous says:

    these are all super cute!

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