The Lowdown on Epilators

No hairy legs, here!

I’m always looking for cost-effective ways to cut down on shaving time. Shaving gel and razors really add up and let’s be honest – they aren’t that effective. This becomes glaringly obvious in the summertime when you need to shave every day in order to maintain a perfectly hair-free existence. The daily shave-routine in various areas of your body is time-consuming, annoying, and sure to irritate your glowing skin.

I’ve tried it all: electric razors, at-home waxing strips, and that disgusting chemical cream you leave on 3-5 minutes then scrape off. None of it really worked for me, and left me feeling defeated and discouraged; ultimately forcing me to pick up my razor again.

Flash forward to last week when going through the latest Ulta catalog: I discovered they had epilators on sale…color me intrigued. I wasn’t really sure what an epilator was, other than it promised to “leave you smooth for four to six weeks” and that one costs around $50. Being constantly on the prowl for new and long-lasting hair removal methods as I was, I decided to do a little further research. Here’s what I found: An epilator is a device that looks very similar to an electric razor, but is basically lots of tiny tweezers that plucks the hairs out, giving you a similar effect to waxing.

With the incentive of a sale (who doesn’t love a sale?), I decided to try it out, knowing if it doesn’t work for me, I could return it. I got the Remington Smooth & Silky Epilator Kit for $47.99 at Ulta, and so far I’d give it about a 7/10. It does do what it says: pluck the hairs out, and I really had minimal pain even though I am not used to waxing or a similar sensation. Sounds great right? Well before you all run out and buy your own epilator kits, here’s the downside: the time it takes.

That said, I am hoping some of the slow process was due to the fact that it was my first time using it, and next time will be a bit speedier. I found that I spent a lot of time going over the same sections and it kept missing the same hairs. My plan for the next attempt at epilating is to get as much as I can with the kit, and then shave over the problem areas later to ensure prime smoothness. Other downfalls were the noise (my parents both coming in my room…”What is THAT?”) and the small red bumps of irritation that came afterwards (but luckily the red bumps go away fairly quickly. I found that the trick is to use it at night so any lingering irritation is gone by morning.) Despite these reasons, for once I don’t feel hopelessly pushed back to my razor! I plan to stick with it in the hope that it will practice what it preaches: smooth skin for up to six weeks with the added benefit of lightening and thinning hair growth over time.

As summer quickly approaches (fingers crossed!) with promises of sun-soaked and pool-filled days, I will keep testing this product and hopefully I’ll be able to ditch my razor once and for all! To give you full discretion: I haven’t been brave enough to test it on any other area besides my legs yet, but I have faith it will produce similar results.

Tell us about your experiences with epilators and any tips or tricks you may have!

♥AUTHOR: LAUREN STEWART of “Lauren’s Thoughts”

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