Mother Nature vs. My Spring Wardrobe

Spring at last! Time to rock it.

My calendar says that it’s officially Spring, but I think Mother Nature forgot to flip hers. In stores, magazines, and on the runways, we see cute new spring trends and fashions. I would love to be in a sundress every day of my life; unfortunately, this crazy northeastern weather does not allow that. This is why I have resorted to incorporating some hints of spring into my heavy, winter wardrobe.

I have started small by lightening up my nail color from my wintery, super dark violet to a fun cheery bright pink color. I like to keep the pink in the range of peachy-coral to almost Barbie hot pink. Another hot trend is to paint your nails either a natural pale pink, or even white as Kim K was caught sporting. The upkeep of acrylic nails doesn’t fit into my budget so I like to dress my at-home-manicure up by painting cute flowery images on either my thumbs or pinkies. You can find simple designs by searching the Internet, or for more creative control, invest in a nail polish pen.

Another way to simply put a little spring in your wardrobe is by brightening your accessories. Add some leather cuffs or layered beaded and woven bracelets in bright colors to channel Mother Nature. Trading heavier metal jewelry with organic inspired materials can bring out your inner flower child on a dreary day.

Replacing your heavy scarves that were needed for warmth, with a lighter, pastel colored version is an easy winter-to-spring transition. To top off my spring infused winter wardrobe, I literally top myself with an oversized flower in my hair. Whether you’re feeling a daisy, lily or carnation, any outfit can gain a little “springspiration” instantly.

Piece by piece, I add my old spring clothes to my closet in hopes that warmer weather is just around the corner (as the groundhog predicted).


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One Response to Mother Nature vs. My Spring Wardrobe

  1. Anonymous says:

    SUCH A CUTE POST! trying all of these. love the nail ideas too!

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