We Love Wraparound Watches

I’ll take that in every color.

Few girls wear watches anymore- especially since our cellphones have fabulous built-in clocks that are always right at our fingertips. I personally haven’t had an actual watch since sixth grade. But, I may have to change that.

Wraparound watches are getting more popular by the day. They give you two wonderful things – a watch and the look of an adorable bracelet. Having the time on your wrist is honestly just an added bonus of these fantastic new accessories.

They range from around $30 at American Eagle to $128 at Nordstrom. I’m actually more in love with the steal at American Eagle than the pricey black watch because of the vibrant colors. The neons are must-haves for Spring.

If you want a piece of jewelery that will make any outfit stand out, this is the way to go. They come in many patterns and colors, and the sizes fit just about everyone.

What do you think of the wraparound watch trend?


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One Response to We Love Wraparound Watches

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm so temped to buy one right now!

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