Oh Hey, Summer: Au Naturael Chic

The title’s French, so it has to be good.

With summer well on its way, it’s time to get rid of those sleeves and get a little sunshine in your system. It’s still a little chilly, but that’s not going to stop us from getting in the summer spirit.

I’ve been dying to keep my jeans locked up in the closet for good, but it’s definitely not shorts weather yet. There were a couple days that were major teases, but until it stops raining and the temperature gets above 60 degrees again, there’s no way I’m going to be sporting them anytime soon. Plus, might as well avoid shaving those beasts for as long as possible.

To get in the summer spirit, get that tank top out of your drawer and pair it with jeans and a scarf. The tank will make you feel summer-ready, but you won’t end up freezing everywhere you go. For accessories, add a couple eye-catching stone rings, a messenger bag, some killer sunnies, and of course a pair of flip flops. If you want to add a little bit of spring into the outfit, don’t forget a flower to use in your hair or as a brooch.
Tank, $30 | Jeans, $35 | Flower, $8 | Rectangle Ring, $20 | Sunglasses, $10
Scarf, $10 | Circle Ring, $5 | Bag, $50 | Sandals, $17


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