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Vinny: More Than Just the Shy Guy

He’s always full of surprises. Vinny, although the quieter guido in the group, definitely has a way of getting his word out – he has a blog. And he can write. Snooki and J-Woww both have books out, but if … Continue reading

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What You Can Learn From Celebrity Break-Ups

Zanessa no ‘mo. If you’re like me, you consume your fair share of celebrity gossip. Unfortunately, a lot of this news consists of updates about which power couple is lawyering up for a nasty divorce, or which cute, long-term couple … Continue reading

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Roommate Wars: Moving Out and Moving On

These tips could save you from Leighton. I’m graduating from college this month (finally!) and am moving into the big city to start my grown-up life and my grown-up job. Naturally, I need to find an apartment that suits my … Continue reading

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Protection Against A Number-One Killer

Everything is better in numbers. We all love our health, and hope our casual workouts or late-night Taco Bell runs don’t catch up with us (fourthmeal, really?). Well, I’m here to provide you with some easy steps to a smarter … Continue reading

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5 Reasons You Should Go Red This Summer!

Even flowers are attempting the trend! Let’s face it, going red has become the new blonde. From Hollywood movie stars to models gracing the runway, red hair is one of the hottest trends this season. So why go red? Here … Continue reading

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The "BRB, Playa" Method

Not sure this is always the case… Let me set the scene: you’re at a party looking adorable (of course) when across the room, you see a guy. A really, really cute guy. You lock eyes, the moment seems to … Continue reading

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Turn Up the Heat For Your Health

Your diet’s new best friend? Need a bold new way to control the portions on your plate? Add a little spice to your life! Research shows that even a small amount of chili peppers sprinkled on your meal might help … Continue reading

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