Be Your Own Personal Trainer

Ummmm, ouch?

A Guide To Pump Yourself Up

You’re too tired, the gym is packed, the weather is bad, and you have tons of work to do. These are the reasons you give for not going on a run, heading to the gym, or working out.

We’ve all been there; plain and simple, it is sometimes hard to motivate yourself to get fit and stay fit. Push those excuses aside and try these simple steps to get yourself out from in front of the television and computer and moving and grooving.


Subscribe to an inspirational get-fit blog, website, or magazine. Don’t forget to check the daily reminder button for the Internet choices or leave your magazine out on the table. This constant reminder of ways that can help you stay fit in nutrition and exercise will also provide a dual benefit reminding you of your goals and will keep you on track. FITNESS Magazine is a great way to do this. Not only do they provide website content sent straight to your inbox, but you can subscribe to the magazine as well, which is $5.99 for a 1 year subscription. You will be inspired by other stories like yours, plus there are even fun exercise tips as an added bonus.

Add a Little Fun
Listen to upbeat, enthusiastic workout music that will get your blood pumping and you off of the couch. Dance-type music will also help create a happy can-do attitude. Check out iTunes workout hits under the music tab to find some of the trendiest “shaking your butt” hits that will also help shake the calories off.
My Favorites:

Enjoy the Scenery

Did you know walking can help burn calories and improve your memory? In fact, according to University of Pittsburgh, people who walked at least six miles a week reduced their risk of age-related memory problems by half. So ditch any future Alzheimer disease (and some calories) by taking a brisk walk everyday. To add a little fun, make it into a contest by getting a step counter and seeing how much you can increase in a week.

Crunch Time

Running short on time? Incorporate workout moves into daily tasks. Whether it is adding extra weight to your purse to beef up arm muscles, power-walking through the mall, or simply parking in the furthest space away when you go grocery shopping, there are so many easy ways to increase the amount of your daily activity. Even cleaning the house can be a workout if you make it, by mopping and sweeping the floors vigorously, waxing on and waxing off the windows, and trying to get as much done in a short amount of time (race the clock!).

Weigh Your Options
It’s a torrential downpour outside and driving or even entering in the mists is not an option. Invest in a pair of weights so not even the worst weather can’t get you down. Lifting weights can be used for an entire body workout because you use all of the muscles you have for strength.

Here are some workouts to try:

Weighted Twist 
Works abs, oblique’s, butt, legs

    Stand with feet wide apart in a semi-squat position. Holding weights (recommend eight to ten pounds) in front of waist at hip position with elbows bent, twist torso to right and then to left, making sure to keep hips square and elbows close to your body. This is one repetition. Repeat for 3 sets of 30 reps for a more fit body.

    Side-Bend Shoulder Press
    Works shoulders, abs, oblique’s
      Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with weight (eight to ten pounds) in right hand. Left hand should touch the back of your head with the elbow bent out to the side. Bend at the waist sideways, making sure to keep the weight along the outside of the right leg. Bend all the way down to your knee. Then return to upright position, raising weight to right shoulder and finally pressing it overhead. Keep your palm facing left. Return to start position. Do 30 reps and switch sides to repeat. Three sets of this will get you in shape in no time!
        Weighted Russian Twist (
        Works abs and obliques
        Triceps Press Back (Expert Village) 
        Works triceps, biceps, abs
        Go For It
        Besides the obvious benefit of getting in shape, working out on a regular basis will energize you during the day, boost your self-esteem and confidence, and you will feel great. Whether it is for 10 minutes or an hour, you will come out with a happy, can-do attitude that sometimes can be dragged down by other pressures in your life. Forget those excuses and get out there!


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        2 Responses to Be Your Own Personal Trainer

        1. Anonymous says:

          This post is great. GOing to try these for sure!

        2. Awesome! I'm glad you like them. I try to do the moves everyday and I always keep a copy of fitness magazine out on my kitchen table for inspiration!

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