Spring Ahead With These Trends

Shoo bee, don’t bother me!
The snow has melted, so put the Uggs away and hang up your North Face. Spring is here, as is many cute and affordable trends that will flatter every body type.

I should be studying for finals right now, but my mouse just seems to drift to the Forever 21 website over and over again. For fair warning, I am a Forever 21 junkie. Some of you may have already brought out their tanks and shorts, retiring the salt-stained Ugg boots. While I continue to use my umbrella and rain boots on a daily basis, it’s giving me time to stock up on my spring wardrobe, and at prices that this poor college girl can afford!

Floral prints. One could never go wrong with a floral print! My friends always make fun of how much floral is in my closet, but I am simply obsessed. It is perfect for spring. Floral tops flatter all body types and add so much femininity. You can dress them up or down with shorts, jeans, or skirts. Check out tops from Macy’s – they like to reward my fellow online shoppers with additional discounts! The floral skirts usually have so many colors in the design that any pastel or neutral top would work, such as this one from Forever21. Lastly, my personal favorite are floral sundresses. This dress from Forever21 is perfect for that first barbecue back home from college.

Wedges. These are my best friend. Now let me explain here – I am just barely 5’3”. I get confused for someone more around the age of 16 all the time, not 20. Wedges make my true age a little more convincing. When going out, my favorite wedges, which I recently got from Payless Shoesource, give me the extra boost I need to rock a spring outfit. I prefer these over heels because the wedge gives comfort to my feet and less of a pinch. A cool way to put a twist on the classic wedge is to go higher! Only attempt this if you know you can walk in higher shoes though! If I could, and I know I cannot, I would buy these Mary Jane-inspired platform wedges from ASOS. Pair either one of these wedges with a high-waisted short and your legs will appear miles longer!

I live in Northeast Ohio, and I truly believe that if it isn’t snowing, it’s raining. I invested in a cute leopard print umbrella, solid black rain boots to match every and any outfit, and recently, a rain coat from H&M. I am an impulse shopper, so when I saw it on the rack, I had to have it. Raincoats are necessary in any spring wardrobe because a North Face is too heavy, and fickle weather brings many rain showers. This trench coat from Target is perfect for that rainy day walking to class or work.

P.S. Check here for six pairs of rain boots that are under $50!


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