Protection Against A Number-One Killer

Everything is better in numbers.

We all love our health, and hope our casual workouts or late-night Taco Bell runs don’t catch up with us (fourthmeal, really?). Well, I’m here to provide you with some easy steps to a smarter way of taking care of yourself that will make you healthier today, and  prevent possible long-term health problems in the future!

Okay ladies, listen up! We’re enjoying being young and easy-living right? Most think “Hey I still have my youth and have time to get in shape before I go downhill.” Wrong! Your health and your body are some of the most precious things about you (other than your stunning personality!).

Heart disease is the number one killer in women. About 795,000 Americans will have a stroke this year alone. About four years ago, my mother was one of those Americans. She was lucky enough to have minimal damage to her body and brain, but with thorough check ups and simple life habit changes, it could have been prevented. I extremely encourage others to be proactive so that what happened to my mother won’t happen to your mother, or even yourself!

Here are some tips that all my fellow lovetwenty readers can do:

>>Check for family history of heart disease
Just like any other disease, having it in your genes increases your chances of developing it.

>>Put your butt out
Smoking also increases your chances of developing heart disease. Plus, do you really want yellow teeth and awful breath and odor?

>>Double check your birth control
Many of the birth controls out there today have the added side effect of increasing your blood pressure. Consider all contraceptive options to find one that doesn’t put your heart in jeopardy.

>>Eat well
This goes without saying! All those fruits and veggies in a balanced diet will help keep your heart healthy and pumping. This recipe is just one delicious way to help you incorporate more fruits and veggies into your daily routine!

>>Be active
Whether you belong to your university recreation center, a community gym or even jog at the park, any activity is good activity. Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we get a free pass!

>>Watch your weight
Obesity can lead to diabetes, which is also a trigger for heart disease. No matter what, always be proud of who you are and be confident with yourself! Just make sure to be healthy while doing it!

>>Talk to your doctor!!
No this isn’t a cheesy Viagra commercial. Really, talk to your doctor. If you know heart disease is in your family, be vocal about it. Get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. You’ll appreciate your life even more knowing that you prevented something potentially tragic.

So, take care of your body from the start and enjoy your life to the max!

[For more tips and information on heart disease go to Go Red for Women and The American Heart Association]


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