Are You Maniready?

One little piggy went to the market…

The heat of summer ­is upon us. This means lazy days out by the pool, parties on the beach, slinky bikinis, and cute sandals. While you’ve probably been busy getting your bathing suit body ready, have you put any thought into what lurks below? It’s time to take those dry, cracked feet from winter and transform them into perfectly polished feet for summer.

While true beauty is effortless, getting your toes silky smooth and looking chic may take a bit of work. So visit your local drugstore and stock up on a few of these pedi essentials. By doing a pedicure yourself, not only will you have great looking toes, but will even save enough to get those wedges you’ve been eyeing.

The first step is to remove any old nail polish and cut/file your nails (not too short, ouch!). On an emery board, the fine-grade surface is for smoothing the nail edge, while the coarser side is for shortening and shaping nails.

Apply and massage cuticle oil into the cuticles and along the sides of the nail bed. Leave it to absorb for a minute or two.

Next, fill a large tub or bowl with warm water. Add in Epsom salt, your favorite bath salts, or aromatherapy oils, and let your feet soak for 10 minutes. Lavender oil is great for relaxing.

Adding a quarter cup of milk to the water loosens dead skin because of the lactic acid in it. If your calluses are really bad, try Kerasal Foot Ointment to use overnight.

Pat feet dry and using a foot file or foot scrub, slough away any dead skin on the bottom of your feet (concentrating on the ball and heel). And for those of you who were wondering…the Ped Egg really does work!

Then you’ll want to apply lotion. Olay Body Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment leaves your feet feeling ooh so smooth.

Once again, pat dry your feet to ensure all of the lotion is absorbed. There are so many great nail polishes available this season. Braziliant, from Essie’s summer 2011 collection, is a bright orange color with just a hint of shimmer to set off that golden tan (faux of course!).

Apply a thin base coat using 3 strokes, one down the middle and one on each side. Let it dry for a minute or two before painting on coats of your favorite color. About two will do. Finish with a thin topcoat.

Tip: To make nails dry even faster and avoid the inevitable smudge or chip, use Sally Hansen Rapid Finish Shea Butter Nail Dryer.

Now you’re officially ready for summer!


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One Response to Are You Maniready?

  1. Lauren says:

    Great tips, I will have to try this!


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