Juggling the BF and the BFF

“She’s mine!” “No, mine!”

So you have a new boyfriend and life is grand. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach and not a care in the world. The problem? How are you going to manage juggling a boyfriend and your bffs? You don’t want to turn into one of those girls who drops off the face of the earth when she gets a boyfriend, right? RIGHT? You’re nervous, I feel you, but don’t worry – we have five tips to keep both the bf and bff happy.

1. Make plans and keep them. If you promised your friend that you would go see a chick flick with her this weekend, don’t ditch her. I don’t care how cute your dude looks chilling on the couch in his sweats, make the effort to keep your engagements. Pencil them in if you have to, but keep them. The worst kind of person is one who ditches her friends. The boyfriend will understand.
2. Keep the PDA to a minimum. It’s awesome that you and your boyfriend are so in love that you can’t keep your hands off each other, but please keep your hands off each other. Nobody, let alone your friends, need to see you playing tonsil hockey at the dinner table. Holding hands and a quick peck are fine, but your friends will start to resent you if every time they ask you and the Mr. to hang out, the two of you end up making out in the corner. Not cool.
3. Stage 5 clinger. I’m going to share a little story: I once had a best friend who was never happy for me. Our first major fight began when I started dating my first boyfriend in high school and the one that ended our friendship started when my current boyfriend and I met. Notice a pattern? She told me I wasn’t making enough time for her, but she refused to make plans in advance, so I had to be available at her will. I always tried my best to please her, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted my attention 24/7. It’s unfortunate that our ten-year friendship had to end, but I had to choose my happiness. There comes a time when you cannot and should not bend over backwards to someone’s will.
4. Girls’ night. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but girls nights solve all. There are some things you just can’t tell the boys – that’s why it’s imperative to keep your girls close and stay involved with their lives. Make a point to see your gal pals once a week if they’re close enough. If not, then shoot for once a month. Get your nails done, go to a wine bar, or just stay in and chat. Show your girls you still care about their love lives as well.
5. Don’t feel guilty. The most important thing to remember is that a new relationship is fun and exciting; you shouldn’t have to apologize for that! If you and your new boo want to hang out every single day for a week, or go on a last second trip, do it! You shouldn’t have to worry about what your friends will think. If your besties are true, they will be happy for you. Good rhyme, eh? Just don’t overdo it, make time for yourself and your friends. Boyfriends don’t always want to join you while you peruse every tribal printed romper Forever21 has to offer.


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