Summer Workout for the Outdoors

Now this is my type of workout.

The gym is great for the winter. But the summer? Not so much. Luckily, warm weather means a slew of outdoor activities to get you moving.

I hate the smell of the gym – and not just because of the sweat. It’s the plastic, the fraying carpet, and the toxic antibacterial cleaning spray. And aside from that, I’m unmotivated by the boredom that comes along with using the same machines over and over again. So when the snow finally stops falling, the wind ceases, and the rain becomes less frequent, I can’t wait to take my workout outside.

Some people despise working out outdoors, and I get that. There’s no elliptical or treadmill to keep track of your calorie count, no weights to lift, and no leg-lifts to perform. But that doesn’t mean your workout has to suffer. In fact, I’ve found that being surrounded by nature actually makes me work harder. I’m interested in my surroundings and not bored by the monotonous routine of the gym.

Working out outside doesn’t mean just going for a run or walk around your neighborhood, though. There are so many options to explore – options that’ll torch calories and make you feel like you weren’t even working out.

Hiking – If you don’t have a place near you to hike, find somewhere close by to make an escape to. As an average 140 pound woman, you can burn up to 500 calories hiking through mountains and hills for only an hour, according to Self! Take your boyfriend, girlfriends, or family along and the fun you have along the way will make up for your screaming muscles at the end of the road.

Biking – It’s hard to run a couple miles for some of us, right? Biking is completely different. Depending on the route you take, you can bike for miles and burn just as many calories as you would running. states that a 150 pound person can bike at a rate of 8 miles per hour and burn a total of 145 calories in half an hour. And considering you can ride for pretty long if you pick a flat surface, imagine how many you’ll burn in total.

Swimming – Sure, you can swim indoors, in a lane. But swimming outdoors with your friends can burn just as many calories, if not more! Here’s how: picture this scene. You and your friends jump into your pool, splash around, unintentionally get a little bronze, swim from one side to the other, and the next thing you know, it’s been four hours. An estimate by says if you’re 140 pounds and have been moderately swimming for that long, you’ve burned 1,545 calories. Lying in a float for that time won’t get you those results, but if you’re constantly moving in the water, you will!

Fishing – You always thought to turn to your dad or grandpa down when they asked you to join them on the lake. Not anymore. The same calorie counter said that an hour of fishing means 193 burnt calories. It doesn’t seem like much, but pair it with a run afterwards and you’ve got a few hundred calories shed.

Water Skiing – Have a friend with a boat? Join them for a day of water-skiing. In an hour, you can burn 378 calories. You might get a little water up your nose or lose your cute bikini top if you don’t have it on snug enough, but it’s so worth it.

Who ever said you had to limit your workout to machines, weights, and a stinky gym was wrong. The summer provides so many opportunities for you to get out and get active. Let the sun be your motivator and you’ll be rocking your bikini bod in no time.


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