Survive Moving Back Home

Well now that all my shoes are packed…

With the economy the way it is, more twenty-somethings than ever are choosing to move home after college graduation. After gaining your independence at school, it can be a challenge to adjust to the confinements of living at home again. Here’s how to survive parents, siblings, and trying to move forward.

After graduating from college a year ago, moving back home was the last thing I wanted to do. I had been living on my own for the last four years without any interference from my parents, and I was not looking forward to being back under their thumb. But without a job and no money, what is a girl to do but move back home?

Set your boundaries. Have a talk with your parents and find out their expectations of your comings and goings while living at home. Are you expected to call if you are coming home late? Do you have a curfew? And, what if you want to have guests over? Making the expectations clear on both ends will help prevent future fights. Also, you know what to expect. If you set the rules together it won’t feel like your parents are controlling your life.
Be realistic. Moving home is going to be different than living at school. Face reality and accept the change. Try to keep perspective that this phase of your life is not going to last forever. Also, try to be grateful that you have your family to rely on and help you out in your time of need. Remember to acknowledge that you are creating a change in your parent’s lifestyles too. Say “thank you” every once in a while.
Make it feel like you now – not then. The last time you spent a large amount of time in your room was probably a good four years ago. You have done a lot of growth in that time and your room should reflect it. Take some time to update your room. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to your stuffed donkey collection! Try picking a color theme. I like to keep lots of candles around and have framed pictures of my college friends. Fresh flowers always add a little more maturity to a room as well.
Keep being social. At school, you are automatically with people your own age range doing things you want to do. There were pick-up games of Ultimate Frisbee in the quad, your friends lived a few doors down the hall, and there was always a party somewhere. Your hometown is probably a little quieter – at least mine is and I live in Los Angeles. These social activities were no longer at my fingertips but something I had to search for. Meeting new people was hard, but worth the effort. So go for it, try using or taking up a new hobby, plus there is always the local bar!
Have you struggled moving back home?
If so, what helped you with the big change?


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