Ed2010: Magazine Nirvana

Look out, world!

For those of you (myself included) who have just graduated, congratulations and welcome to the never-ending job search. The second I applied to my school’s journalism program, I knew I wanted to work in magazines. I would secure myself a killer internship, which would lead to a killer job. But where does one look for internships or jobs or anything magazine related? The answer? Ed2010.com.

I heard about this amazing website through a friend who had scored an internship at Harpers Bazaar. He told me Ed2010 was the place to look for jobs in publishing. And look I did. I scoured the internship listings until I finally got a reply to work in the fashion closet at a hip and highbrow magazine (a dream come true).
So what exactly is Ed2010? It started in 1998 as a network of young people living in New York City who wanted to swap job advice. Soon the network grew to 30 cities, and college campuses now have their own Ed2010 chapters, where students take tours of local magazines and have editors speak at their schools.
The site always has Happy Hour events where anyone is welcome to come and network with fellow job seekers and people in the industry to pick their brains and maybe even score an interview. This year Ed is offering the first ever Ed2010 Buddy Program (which I got accepted for!). The program pairs up recent college graduates with mid-level editors at their favorite magazines. You are assigned a “buddy” who will be your friend and guide to job hunting, living in the city, and basically being awesome.
Moral of the story; I’m not giving up on my dream, and I have a gut feeling Ed2010 is going to help me get there. I encourage all of you who haven’t heard about this resource to take a look and apply for the Buddy Program next year. You can even start an Ed chapter on your campus. Don’t you think the industry is dying for some fresh faces? I do.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love ed2010!

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