My 3 Summer Movie Must-Sees

Plan a date – or three!

With the good days of “the Five Buck Club” over and behind us, it might take a few summer paychecks to afford them, but I am confident that these three flicks will be worth the overtime!

I am a big fan of lists and the blockbuster hits for this summer are definitely at the top of them! With every new preview that gets released, I see dollar signs in my own eyes as I cringe with the thought of paying AMC another 10 dollars per movie I want to see, but you guys know as well as I do that that won’t stop me!

These 3 summer releases made the cut for my spending money. Will they make yours?

The Hangover – Part II

Rotten Tomatoes gives this “carbon copy of the first installment” a 35%. That won’t stop me from going to see what the wolf pack has in store for me this time though – and don’t let it stop you, either!

Bad Teacher
Not yet graded, as it hasn’t come out yet, but count me in when it comes to seeing any movie that showcases Cameron Diaz’s famous sense of humor. And how can you pass up a movie that shows an argument over Michael Jordan and Lebron James? #CHICAGO

Crazy Stupid Love

86% in the Rotten Tomatoes’ “want to see” category, but a 100% want to see from me! Ryan Gosling makes another sexy debut in what seems to be another hit on his part. Paired with the comedic genius, Steve Carell, Gosling struts his stuff and has me counting down the days until July 29!

Maybe these aren’t in the specific genre that you always rush to see, but in that case, think outside the box, trust me, and give them a chance! (If nothing else, I’m sure you can be easily convinced to spend 10 bucks on Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake, or Ryan Gosling any day of the week.)
Find more information from Rotten Tomatoes here. Enjoy!


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