A Different Kind of Summer Surfing

Now this type of surfing I can handle.

Ah, alas June officially marks the start of summer, at least on my calendar. And while I am still fairly busy during the summer season, I have a little more time to unwind, distress, and be somewhat lazy – at least for a couple of hours each day. Like many 20-somethings, I spend my downtime surfing. And, by surfing, I don’t mean catching some waves at the beach. No, I am referring to surfing the Internet for some entertaining sites.

Yes, I’ll admit it: I find solace on the net instead of on the beach. I tried surfing once, and failed miserably. However, I think I found two sites that are sure to make a splash in your Google Readers or bookmarks this summer. Allow me to introduce these two sites to you.

1. http://www.cracked.comThis site is sure to bring you lots of laughs as you read the random and sometimes outrageous articles. The articles are the perfect combination of wit and sarcasm to make for hilarious reading. While some of the language used in the articles merits a PG-13 rating at times, it generally does not detract from my viewing pleasure. If you have a few minutes to spare, check out this site, and you will probably crack up (pun intended) at the hilarious content.

2. http://blog.gawker.com/ This site is akin to an online tabloid magazine, but it is classier and more informational than the ones you can purchase waiting in line at the supermarket. Gawker covers a wide array of pop culture, digital media, national, and international news. While it may not be quite as formal as more traditional news sites, Gawker puts an entertaining spin on timely news.

What are some of your favorite Internet sites?

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