Five Ways to a Fast Summer

“Summer lovin’, happened so fast…”
Whether you’re trying to speed up your summer or slow it down (it all depends on your plans for the Fall), there comes a point when everyone seems to get into the same boring routine. Here are a few tricks to get out of that funk and back to a sizzling summer!

1. Get a part-time job.

That dreadful 3-letter word, J-O-B, may actually be just what you’re looking for to get through the summer. I’ve spent my days at the worst of places, but I’ve always been grateful afterwards to have spent my summer making some extra cash. Your very own hometown probably has its own park’s department, offering plenty of fun summer jobs. From being a summer camp counselor to helping out with summer school, there is bound to be something to build that resume up!

2. Start a new book.

Reading isn’t a lot of people’s favorite pastime, but lounging by the pool with a good book always makes it feel like summer. Spend a day browsing your nearest bookstore (always my favorite part) and pick something that you will really get into. Is there even a better way to work on your tan?

3. Go to the golfing range.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no golf-pro, but every summer I like to get together with a girlfriend and give the range our best shot. Borrow some clubs from a friend or brother and make it a competition to see who can hit the farthest. And who knows – maybe you’ll meet some town cuties that can help you work on your swing!

4. Visit a county festival.

Nothing brings back good child memories like a nice fun carnival. Check the web for fairs near you and get together with friends to spend the evening. Ride Wipeout until you throw up and throw darts at water balloons until you win the big prize!

5. Start a summer workout plan.

Every summer I try to work off the empty calories that I seemed to have gained while at school the year before and there are plenty of different ways to do so! This summer, I plan on getting shredded with Jillian Michael’s and running a 5K with this couch-to-5K workout schedule. Perfect for getting ready for those short shorts!

Don’t fall into a rut this summer- try something new!
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