The Best ‘Poo’ For your ‘Doo’

…this better work. Or else.

Whenever a new product comes onto the market, as much as I try to put my money in the savings jar, I inevitably end up caving in. I just have to try it. I mean, the girl in the advertisement has THE most amazing hair and I’m sure if only I use the same product, my hair will look exactly like hers, right? Usually this sadly ends up proving false and I’m stuck with the same frizzy, tangled hair I started with and an empty wallet. They got me again.

One would think after repeating this same scenario over and over again, I would finally learn my lesson. One would think. Then you hear “you’ve got to try it” and I am back to my old routine. This time though something different happened… the darn product actually worked!

With all the talk floating around about the harsh sulfates, sodium, and other chemicals in shampoos today, I was hoping to find something a bit more ‘natural’ to use. I guess you could say it’s all in my attempt to be more green.

The product: Organix’s shampoo and conditioner. Promising to “strengthen, protect, and add unbelievable shine and body,” the line is for “all of us who aspire to make better choices and are more aware of the integrity of ingredients.” They really focus on using ingredients that are organic, sulfate, and paraben free. While more research is needed, it is thought sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfate) are what contribute to an itchy, irritated scalp and frizzy, unmanageable hair (because it acts as a drying agent). By eliminating harsh chemicals and additives, the hair is no longer stripped of its natural oils and therefore will be much more balanced and healthy.

Aside from all the technical, science stuff, the bottom line is the shampoos and conditioners smell AMAZING and make your hair bouncy, shiny, and full. Being summer, frizz and humidity are a nightmare for anyone. A bun is cute and chic, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta let her hair down!

To combat frizzyness, they have a great system which provides results similar to a Brazilian blowout, yet without the formaldehyde (and terrible smell!). Plus, you can do it at home with little effort. You simply shampoo (provided in the kit), comb in the special lotion, straighten your hair, and voila! – a month of silky strands.

To help maintain the smoothness, Organix has created a line of keratin therapy products like anti-breakage serum, flat iron spray, and special shampoo and conditioner. Other faves include the coconut milk line (mmm, smells like summer), which includes shampoo/conditioner, split-end mender, styling cream, leave-in nourishing milk, and many more. The rest of the lines all sound like tropical drinks with pomegranate green tea and passionfruit guava or a spa treatment like cucumber yogurt or tea tree mint. There’s something for everyone, with such a wide variety of ingredients, mending any hair dilemma.

This is definitely one product that works. Don’t believe me? Just ask Glamour, Vogue, Self, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Bazar, People Style Watch, Seventeen, Allure, InStyle, Lucky, Vanity Fair… well, you get the idea.


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One Response to The Best ‘Poo’ For your ‘Doo’

  1. Andrea says:

    Love the post, but I'm not so sure Organix works on all hair types. I am Asian and have extremely thick hair. Instead, I prefer to use Aveeno shampoo and conditioner. My friends use Organix though, and they love it.

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