An Open Letter to Forever 21

Oh, what would we do without you?
I hate to love you. I have put up with so much of your useless crap, and yet sometimes you provide me with gorgeous moments of fashion that will last in my closet long after my neon bandeau bras are left to rot somewhere in fashion hell.

Each time I think I’m done with you, just when I think I’ve had enough of your disgusting mesh tank tops or leopard print leotards, you suck me back in. You reel me in with a comfy maxi dress for $10 or undies for $3. I mean really Forever 21; your prices cannot be beat. I’ve tried to leave you, your long lines filled with whining teenage girls have sent me screaming for the door, but then a glimmer of hope lies in an $8 skirt and I give you another chance.
I use the time you spend sucking away my soul in your dreaded line perusing your endless supply of bangles and rings, and yet each one I purchase somehow breaks (even upon careful quality inspection on my part). It’s disappointing, although I understand with your low costs comes your low quality.
On the upside Forever 21, although you spend most of your free time ripping off designers, I appreciate the fact that you provide me with the arsenal to go toe to toe with fashion’s elite. With just a little ingénue and a lot of searching, I am able to create the season’s hottest looks for a quarter of the price. I’m an unemployed college grad, I’ll take what I can get.
For all the grief you put me through, it seems as though your good qualities outweigh the bad. You have provided with me with the skirt that got me my internship, my lucky teal dress, and a silky green polka dot Prada knockoff. The others, (H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters) they just don’t understand me like you do. I long for the day when we can happily part ways, when I will have the cash to shop freely. For now though, whether I need a $5 pick-me-up or a little black dress, you’re all I’ve got.
Love and bandeaus,
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One Response to An Open Letter to Forever 21

  1. Anna says:

    SO FUNNY, and so TRUE! The story of my life.

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