One Item, Five Outfits

5 different ways to look chic? I’m in!

Ever had that moment when you stand in front of your closet and, although you have countless options, you just don’t know what to wear? There’s finally a solution to your outfit-choosing woes: one scarf, worn five different ways.

Start by picking a scarf that can go with a multitude of bottoms and tops. Something neutral with a basic pattern works – something like this. If you go too bold, you’ll risk making the same statement over and over which you want to avoid.

Your first option is wearing the scarf traditionally. Fold it in half and loop the open end through the closed end. You can then pull it up to bring it closer to your neck or leave it loose for a more boho chic look. You can also wear it by wrapping the middle of the scarf around the front of your neck, crossing the two sides behind you, and bringing them forward. Whatever your preference, pair it with a solid-colored sundress or even a tee and jeans.

Another option is to wear the scarf as a shawl. Throw on a pair of jeans, a cute tank, wedges, and wrap the scarf around your shoulders. The pattern in the scarf will bring out the neutral tones in your outfit and wearing it as a shawl will add a touch of class. Add a fedora like this and you’re good to go.

Option number three? Wear it in your hair! Throw on a flowly skirt with a fitted tank and make it extra flirty by adding the scarf. You don’t want a scarf that’s super long for this because it’ll appear too bulky. Find a short-length scarf and wrap it around your head. You can tie it on top of your head with a cute bow, off to the side, or just above your neck if you want to hide the bulge.

If you’ve opted for a longer scarf, wear it as a dress. Sounds crazy, right? Try this and you’ll see that it’s not. Hold the scarf horizontally and place it behind your back. Once it’s snug, wrap it across your chest, crossing the two ends and tying it behind your neck. Throw this over a bikini and you’ve got a cool beach look for that Fourth of July party.

You can even use the scarf as a belt. If you have a dress that’s just a little big around the waist, forget the safety pin and opt for this instead. Place the scarf around your waist and tie it how you please. You can form a bow, leave it hanging, or wrap it around a few times to make the belt appear wider.

Stress about your outfits no more! If there are this many ways to wear a scarf, imagine the possibilities for all of those other fabulous accessories stowed away in the back of your closet.


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