Attention-Getting Advertising

That def won’t fit in my desk drawer…

Once school lets out for the summer in elementary and high school, it seems as if everything you spent time learning throughout the year suddenly goes out the window and all you can think about it having fun. Math facts and how to write a persuasive essay suddenly seem so mundane compared to late nights, shopping trips, and beach days. The only reason you learned the facts and information you did was to pass an exam or the system told you, you had to.

Aside from a few specialty classes and extra curriculars, there’s no straying from the path laid out before you by the school system. Everyone has to learn the same historic facts and scientific formulas as the next. Things begin to change though once you reach college. Suddenly it is you being the one who gets to decide. You get to find out what truly interests you and what caters to your career goals and personal desires to learn.

Personally, I have always been driven by the arts and therefore decided to pursue a degree in design. There’s nothing like the glossy pages of a Vogue magazine or the photographs by Patrick Demarchelier and Annie Leibovitz to inspire you. To some people, they are simply photographs and advertisments. To others, they are works of art; intricately told stories through splashes of color or the seriousness of black and white. I am always on the lookout for interesting advertisements and companies that push the boundaries. In a world where media is everywhere, it takes some creative thinking and willingness to step outside the box.

In a time where everything seems to have been done and the same gimmicks and advertising tricks are used, it’s refreshing to still see innovation and originality exists. Check out a few examples from Colgate, Clinique, Aroma Coffee, Kit Kat, Wheaties, YKM, Karl Lagerfeld and to name a few.

Have you seen any creative or resourceful advertising techniques?


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