Chocolate: The Candy We Love to Hate

Chocolatey goodness.

Having a chocolate addiction is a curse and a blessing. On the one hand, you can’t succumb to your weakness and pig out on multiple brands when you’re craving its sweet goodness. But on the other, you miss out on the deliciousness and more importantly, the shocking health benefits. Huffington Post and many other news facets have reported the many perks of eating chocolate. But what are you supposed to make of all that medical mumbo-jumbo? Love Twenty will clear it up for you.

In the most basic form, chocolate is packed with heart-healthy and mood-boosting antioxidants. Heart burn after a greasy meal? Feeling bummed after your soccer team lost? Pop a piece of chocolate into your mouth and you’ll be headed on the right track.

Chocolate doesn’t just cure you’re temporary problems, though. In the long run, chocolate is a yummy key to preventing heart disease. High cholesterol, which is the reason so many heart diseases pop up, clogs your arteries which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Chocolate essentially cleans them out, thanks to polyphenols – a particular type of antioxidant – which inhibits rising cholesterol.

High blood pressure is another thing that leads to heart disease. A small bar of dark chocolate can save the day, though, studies show. If you’re at risk for heart disease for any of these reasons, doctors often prescribe Asprin. They did this in order to thin your blood and reduce the likelihood of clotting. Chocolate has the same affect.

So why are people so weary about chocolate? Well, it’s true that there are negatives to the sugary block of heaven. The calories in chocolate are due to sugars and fat – neither of which are good for us. It’s the addition of these calories to pure chocolate that’s the problem.

Dark chocolate contains cocoa butter, which many assume is the root of the evil. But, in fact, it doesn’t raise cholesterol levels as they suggest. It’s the butterfat found in milk chocolate that’s to blame.

There’s also controversy due to the belief that it triggers acne. Fear not ladies. While milk chocolate is known for doing so, dark chocolate is not.

Don’t hold back on chocolate just because of the scary stuff you may have heard about it. It’s perfectly okay to indulge – so long as you pick the right kind. Besides, who could give up chocolate when it has the ability to release endorphins that make us fall in love?

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for it.


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