Facebook Mistakes That Ruin Careers

Others might not “like” your profile.

We’ve all heard that Facebook can ruin careers but may have told ourselves we’re too smart to put things on Facebook we know we don’t want our employers to see. But did you know most of the things people get in trouble for are things most of us overlook or don’t think twice about?

Tagged Photos

We all know better than to post those pictures of ourselves at that crazy party last night drinking our 6th can of beer. But do your friends know better too? Just because you didn’t put it up there doesn’t mean it isn’t on your page. All of your friends on Facebook can see tagged pictures of you even if it’s from other people’s pages. This means if your best friend tags you in a picture that’s funny to them but not funny to your boss, there could be serious consequences. Make sure to either untag yourself or go into your settings and make your tagged photos private.

Inappropriate Statuses

Facebook reveals a lot about a person’s personality – it definitely shows a lot more than a resume. Perhaps in the interview your boss thought you were a nice person, but will he think the same after reviewing your profile? Beware of some of the things you say even if it has nothing to do with work. For example, many people like to post their views on same-sex marriage and politics on Facebook. Posting your views is one thing, but don’t get carried away and offensive. Saying things like “It’s the White house – Obama shouldn’t be there” isn’t that funny and can make people you work with uncomfortable with you. (Yes I had a friend post this once – needless to say they’re not my friend anymore.)

Groups You May Belong To

Be careful about any associations or groups you belong to. Some are just hilarious (like almost all the Rebecca Black groups) but others can be offensive and make some of the people at your job wonder why you would even associate yourself with them.

Wall Posts

Even if you’re pretty good on controlling what you put on your page, you can’t control what your friends put. If you have a conversation with your friend about how unfair you think your boss is and the next day your friend posts “is your boss still being an ass?” – well I think you can imagine how that might go with your boss. If you know your friends are the joking types, have a talk with them beforehand or if you don’t want to risk it, limit your profile so that no one can post on your page. This way you’ll never have to worry about anything.

Unprofessional Screen Names

Some of my friend’s Facebook names are entirely different from their actual names, and while this can be funny depending on what your name is, your boss may not be laughing. My best friend, in an effort to keep people she doesn’t like from her page, uses her mother’s last name on Facebook instead of her father’s. It’s still professional, understandable and easy to explain. However, I have other friends who have replaced their middle names with things like “Barbie,” “Buttface,” and one of my friends changed her last name to “Bieber.” None of these names are understandable or professional.

All in all, you never know who could be watching, so my best suggestion is don’t put anything on Facebook you wouldn’t want your mother to see.


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2 Responses to Facebook Mistakes That Ruin Careers

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was helpful. I had a convo with my mom last week about this and didn't know how to react. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What if your Facebook profile is private? What if you take down the offending posts before applying for jobs?

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