Dating on a Budget: Yard “Sailing”

Our own personal treasure hunt!

An unexpected date idea: spend a morning this weekend exploring your town for the items that will undoubtedly find their way onto your list of the greatest (and cheapest) things you have ever owned. Yard sales and flea markets were never intended to be explored solo, which makes them an incredibly innovative date idea. Instead of simply hitting the road and wandering around the randomness that is a yard sale or flea market, read on for fun ideas to have a weekend adventure of your own, with your boyfriend by your side.

GPS Journey

Before embarking on your yard “sailing” adventure in the wee hours of the morning, visit the website of your local newspaper or news broadcast. Typically, its Classifieds section will allow you to explore and find yard sales happening around you that day or weekend. These sites commonly include a description of each of the yard (or garage) sales in the area, so the two of you can pick and choose which sales look like they will have the most desirable objects. Jot down the addresses, enter them into a GPS, and map out your travels. This is also a fun way to familiarize yourselves with the area you’ll be sailing around in that day. Another tip: act on a whim! See a neon poster with a giant arrow, the words “GARAGE SALE” boldly drawn in permanent marker prominently displayed? Go for it!

DIY Floral Arrangements

Flea markets sell surprisingly fresh and interesting flowers at excellent prices – free if you happen to be charming enough 😉 Not only are they moderately priced, but the bunches are also shockingly abundant and vibrant. Let you and your partner each choose your favorite floral varieties, then combine the selections for a unique bouquet sure to brighten the kitchen table or the day of someone close to you both.

$1 in 3 Minutes

This game works at the yard sale or flea market of your choice. Allow you and your partner three minutes to find the coolest trinket (or trinkets, if the price tags are really low) for no more than $1. Another option: switch it up and search for various items under the following categories: the most random, the goofiest, the dirtiest, the oldest or the most hideous.

Flavor Discovery

A trip to the flea market can provide a fantastic cultural experience. Central to any culture is its food, and there is certainly no shortage of unique eats in a flea market. Take advantage of the exotic produce and candies all around you and try something new! You and your partner can introduce fresh flavors to each other’s taste buds for an uncommonly low price. Never had a mango? Try three for $1. 

Memory Lane

Hunt down old movies, (even if it means digging out the trusty VHS player from the basement) and make a future date night out of watching nostalgic films. This is a great way to learn more about your man’s childhood for about $1 or less per cinematic treasure. Another great idea: pick up books you last delved into in elementary school and read them together. Old-school children’s books also make quirky coffee table accents; you may be surprised at how many of your house guests will reach for them.

What unique things have you found at yard sales and flea markets?


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2 Responses to Dating on a Budget: Yard “Sailing”

  1. veronica says:

    these ideas are interesting but they sound super girlie. unless your guy is WHIPPED i'd rather have these “dates” with my friends. sorry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I've actually had a date like this before… kind of a random one where we saw a flea market was going on and it turned into a day of garage saling, but it was so fun! we found each other really dumb things and it was quite the adventure 🙂

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