Interview Help!

Fingers are crossed!
You applied for the job and sent in your resume and received the call for an interview. The question is, how do you rock the interview and make them want to hire you? If you’re like thousands of graduating college students or are switching jobs in this economy, you’re lucky you have the interview and don’t want to lose your chance at this opportunity. Here are a few interview tips I’ve gathered over the years that seem to really help when you may be freaking out about how to impress your possible future employer.

1. Plan ahead.

Do a little research on the company or the person who will be interviewing you. You can refer to this information in the interview to impress them and show how interested you are in working for them. Planning ahead also means role-playing. Think of some questions your interviewer may ask you (“Tell me about yourself” and “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”) so you can prepare well-rounded answers and not have to come up with something on the spot.

2. Be on time! (or even 15 minutes early)

This cannot be stressed enough because it is the first in-person meeting you will be having with this company or person and you want to make a great impression. If this means driving to the location ahead of time so you don’t get lost or leaving your house extra early, so be it, because it will pay off in the end.

3. Maintain eye contact and stay calm.

It is really easy to look around the room when answering questions or having a conversation, but make sure to be looking at the interviewer when talking. This shows your interest in the position and that you are taking this seriously. It can be really nerve-racking to be in an interview, but stay calm. Ultimately you are talking about yourself and everyone can do that. Keep a smile on your face and listen to the interviewer and you’ll do great!

4. Ask questions.

It can be really hard to ask questions in an interview, but again, it shows your interest. If you come prepared with a question or two, the interviewer will know that you are taking this seriously and are very intrigued about the job. A good one to ask is “Why are you still working for this company and what do you like about it?”

5. Send a thank you note.

Most people do not send a hand written note or an email, so by doing so, it will make you stand out. One suggestion is writing a hand-written note because it is more personal than an e-mail and reinforces your interest in the job. It doesn’t have to be a long one by any means, but just a genuine one. They will appreciate it, and who doesn’t love receiving notes?


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2 Responses to Interview Help!

  1. Anna says:

    Great advice, but I feel like everyone knows these already. Maybe a post that provides some fresh info?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agree, stuff I've heard before but I love getting refreshed on it. The simple things are the things people often forget when going into an interview.

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