Help the Environment, Get Free Makeup!

Go green and save your green (cash)!

It’s no secret that MAC is one of the most popular cosmetic brands out there, but did you know that you can get MAC lipstick for free? Here’s a little-known secret that will help all makeup fanatics in a big way.

Here’s the low-down: there’s a program called Back to MAC that’s geared toward helping the environment by recycling MAC’s cosmetic packaging. What do you have to do? When you’ve used up an entire product, i.e. eye shadow, lip gloss, foundation, etc., save the container! Once you’ve collected six empty cosmetic containers or tubes, return them to your local MAC counter or store, and you’ll receive a new lipstick in the shade of your choice… for free. That’s a $14.50 tube of lipstick for simply returning your empty makeup containers… easy enough!

No catch, no strings attached, it’s just you and MAC helping out the environment one lip gloss at a time.


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One Response to Help the Environment, Get Free Makeup!

  1. Neha says:

    I love the Back to Mac program! The only problem is that Mac products are so long lasting that I never run out of them, haha

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