Summer Bag Series: Evening Essentials

You’d be surprised how much can fit!

No one is wild about having to put up with a lot of extras during nights out. It’s time to clean out the clutter of your evening bag, and exchange that old beat-up bag for a bright, sleek clutch. Then, stock it full of these five items that will never fail you, even after your “waterproof” mascara and “strong hold” hairspray have. You’ll be prepared as you go forth into the night with your arsenal of products, and triumph over common nighttime mishaps.

The Bag: Boxy Flat Lock Clutch in Yellow by ASOS ($34.48)

Amp up an otherwise neutral outfit with a bold, look-at-me-now clutch. This sunny hue looks chic and never over-the-top when paired with a minimalist outfit. The bag is both beautiful and functional for a night out on the town, and not to mention, more trustworthy than that creeper at the bar.

Throw It in the Bag:
1. A heavy-duty concealer has got you covered. A good concealer should match your skin tone and mask any problem areas or discoloration. Makeup doesn’t always look freshly applied, especially after five hours of non-stop dancing, so concealer will help you fake a fresh complexion into the early hours of the morning.

2. Double-sided tape helps keep your clothes on when that slinky LBD starts sliding off halfway through the night. Hollywood Fashion Tape (click the link) makes a variety of sticky products perfect for keeping you covered no matter your state of mind. Stashing some extra in your super cute clutch is the best idea for midnight mishaps. Carrying a few safety pins with you is also always a smart idea.

3. Band-Aids are a given for any event that involves 5-inch heels and potential alcohol consumption, or just plain clumsiness. You can’t always avoid mishaps, but you can prevent bleeding over everything, which is universally unattractive and unladylike.

4. A lasts-through-anything matte lip color adds a touch of non-sticky vibrancy to your face without the need to reapply 36 times throughout the night. I am literally addicted to the Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX Cosmetics (click the link), which comes in neon-esque hues like hot pink and rich red, perfect for long nights out. Plus, at $6 a tube, you can afford to stock up.

5. A klutz-friendly waterproof, shockproof digital camera captures the night’s best LOL-worthy moments. Gone are the nights of dropped cameras dying in the street-side puddle, and gone are the days of purchasing yet another digital camera (thank God!). Pay the big bucks for one that will outlast the craziest of nights. Oh, and it comes in fun colors like pink and blue, so your chances of losing this gadget are slim (plus who doesn’t love when technology gets colorful?).

What are your evening bag essentials for late nights out?


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