Treat Yourself!

To: Me, Love: Me!
You finally did it; you got that job, that promotion, a bonus! Maybe you got stellar reviews on a paper or presentation, or perhaps you finally hit your sales goal or dream mile time. Whatever the occasion, every girl deserves to treat herself every once in a while to something really special without worrying about the price tag. 

Get excited, find an item that you love, and splurge on something adorable, fashionable and 100% not necessary. You deserve it!

Ok, so you can’t blow your entire savings account, but who says you can’t buy something really awesome “just because”? It’s smart to save your money, and great when you find something fantastic on sale but you can’t always save every penny or find everything you want at half-off. So go ahead and live a little! I’ve picked some of my lust-list items to get you started (and maybe to get you motivated to hit whatever goal you’re after!).

1. A Designer Wallet. So what if your Tory Burch Wallet

costs more than the amount of cash you tote around in it?
2. Fancy Sunglasses. Wear Ray Bans, they make you cooler (Or at least these are the “designer shades” that I picture Mike Posner talking about in his song, “Cooler Than Me“).
3. A Nice Watch. Being on time is always in fashion, right Michael Kors?
4. Pretty Perfume. Coco Chanel would SO approve (and so will everyone around you).
5. A Fun Laptop Case. Because Kate Spade makes everything cute.
6. A Classic Necklace. If comes in a blue Tiffany box, I’m in love.
7. A Designer Bag. You’ll take this pretty little Marc Jacobs number anywhere and everywhere. I promise.

What are you going to treat yourself to once you reach your goal(s)?


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