My Reasons for Writing

With these cute journals why not write?

Today, I met with an HR representative to review my resume. She gave me lots of good advice regarding how to format my resume and specific skills to highlight. Since it was an informal resume critique, I was able to ask her lots of questions and she asked me some questions too. When she asked me what kind of articles I wrote for Love Twenty, and why I decided to write for an online blog and magazine I think my answers surprised her.

To begin with, I told her I wrote advice articles. She questioned me further, basically asking me why I felt I had the authority to give advice. I replied that I only gave advice if I had experience with the subject at hand. For example, recently I wrote a few “how-to articles” on subjects ranging from exercise motivation to how-to create an online portfolio. While I certainly don’t have the same level of expertise as someone like Jillian Michaels or a computer engineer, I found ways to get motivated to exercise and I was able to navigate Wix, Google Sites and WordPress to create online portfolios. Bottom line: I don’t claim to be an expert. I just put in my two cents when I believe I can help others complete a task easier.

After all, as a recent college grad, I usually turn to my friends for advice even though we’ve shared similar life experiences and are around the same age. When I want to know whether an outfit looks good together, I will turn to my fashion-forward friends rather than someone like Stacy London. Essentially, I approach writing for this blog like a conversation with a good friend. I try to write in a conversational tone. I am not claiming to have all the answers, I write on topics that interest me—topics that are relevant to my own life. Writing for Love Twenty is great because I am able to exercise control over which topics I write. Writing for this online magazine is fun, it’s a chance for me to develop my writing-voice, and write differently than I would for an academic paper. And, while I do eventually want to land a job in the publishing industry, right now I see nothing wrong with writing for fun.


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