Self-Tanner – The Right Way to Rub

Get tan the right way!

You’ve heard all the scary warnings about fake tanning and soaking up rays without SPF and you’ve finally decided that self-tanning doesn’t sound half bad. But unfortunately, you can’t afford expensive places like celebs and you’re deathly afraid of orange-y streaks. Have no fear, Love Twenty is here. We’d hate to see you forfeit healthy skin for a radiant glow so we’re here to tell you how to use self-tanning products the right way. And it’s super easy – we promise!

1. Do your research – Don’t just buy a product because the bottle looks pretty; ask around to see which products work best. Check out reviews in different magazines, too. Once you’ve found a good brand, choose the right tone for your skin. Don’t reach for a bottle that reads “medium to dark” if you have extremely light skin. It may seem like it’ll get you tan faster, but that’s not the case.
2. Shower – Showering before you self-tan ensures a longer period of time for the product to set in. While in the shower, be sure to exfoliate. An exfoliator, such as Biore SkinPreservation Exfoliator, will slough off any and all dead-skin cells which would result in an uneven tan. Pay close attention to elbows and knees, as they’re the driest part of your body. After showering, dry off as much as possible. When self-tanner mixes with water, it dilutes the product.
3. Moisturize – Once you’ve exfoliated, grab a good moisturizer like Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Slather your skin in order to hydrate it before applying.
4. Be Proactive – Throwing on a pair of latex gloves is a sure-fire way to prevent streaks and uneven lines on your hands. But should you decided to apply the self-tanner without them, scrub your palms once you’ve finished with the rest of your body and reapply to that specific area by rubbing the tops of your hands together and getting in the cracks of your fingers.
5. Start Applying – Instead of trying to do more than one body part at a time, go little by little. Start with one leg, pay close attention to it, and do the same to the other. Careless appliance will lead to streaks and missed spots.
6. Apply Everywhere – Even between your toes! Nothing screams “fake tan” louder than white creases between toes, under your arms, or behind your ears.
7. Ask a Friend – If there’s a spot you can’t reach, don’t force the self-tanner on. Ask a friend to help you reach the spot so you can be sure the tan remains even.
Easy enough, right? If you still don’t feel comfortable with the process, don’t succumb to the sun. Always apply SPF and forget about looking the tannest. After all, no one ever said Snooki’s skin color was worth envying.
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