Shop ’til You Drop (And Save)

Soo how much can I get with $30??

This is an official shout out to all my broke, twenty-somethings out there who dream of still living the good life. We’d all love to be able to have our daily Starbucks and tote the latest Coach, but let’s face it -rent, college loans and cheap boyfriends have sucked us dry. The fabulous life is in reach, yet ooh so far away. How can we continue the life we wish to have, feeding our shopping obsession, while not having the credit collectors stalking our lives? Ladies, I introduce you to the wonderful world of online shopping and coupon sites.

Online shopping can be a great thing. You will usually find a larger selection than what’s in stores, along with more sizing options-like tall and petites. Bonus, many stores now have deals for free shipping and returns if an item doesn’t fit (because we may or may not be bending the rule of always trying clothing on before purchasing). When you can’t make it to a mall though, online shopping will definitely do the trick

To find out about great offers and discounts, check out sites such as and You first enter the website or company you are trying to find a code for, and then a list of deals will appear! These come from both the company itself and deals found and posted by other shoppers. These sites tend to be very reliable, but if you have any concerns about whether a coupon posted by a shopper is legitimate or not, RetailMeNot offers a percentage indicating how many shoppers found each individual coupon useful. 

If you happen to be taking a trip to the store and are specifically looking for printable coupons online, the site MommySavesBig concentrates on offers to be printed and redeemed on location. The deals featured on the main page tend to be the best savings and most up to date, but by using the search bar you can find other stores and savings. At least once a week (usually on Thursdays), the site is updated with new offers. and are great sites to help you find deals and savings on things that other websites may not offer. On these sites you will find everything from marked down magazine subscriptions, (ranging as cheap from $3.99/yr to FREE!) to deals on products at stores like Target (notifies you of the Daily Deals with free shipping), to how to combine coupons to get the cheapest prices. HeyItsFree is especially amazing because just like its namesake, it gets you stuff…for free!

Companies often give out free samples that the majority of the public just isn’t aware of, and this site helps you take advantage of those deals getting you great merchandise for no cost. Some past freebie highlights include: free Physician Formula Liquid Eyeliner (retailing at $11), full size Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant (retailing at around $7), and John Frieda Foam Hair Color (retailing at around $14). A lot of these freebies are found on Facebook through an incentive program that gives the first 50,000 people that “Like” their product a free trial size.

So you can live the life of a princess and still be able to pay off those loans because the deals out there… they just have to be found!

What are your best deal-hunting techniques/weapons?


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