Goodbye Tangled Mess, Hello Organized Chic

Ugh, no one loves a tangled mess…
You’re at the store doing some browsing when, there they are…You see the most amazinggg pair of earrings that will perfectly match that new dress of yours. The only problem is this happens every single time you venture anywhere near a store, and now you’ve got jewelry overload. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, oh my! Everywhere you turn there’s knotted silver strands and mismatched pairs. It’s finally time to wear that dress, but your new pair of earrings are suddenly M.I.A. What’s a girl to do?? It’s time to get organized.

Now I know the term ‘organization’ may spark thoughts of boring, plastic bins and sterile simplicity, but just because your getting things sorted out, doesn’t mean you have to forgo fashion for function.

Below are a few great ideas, letting you express both your creativity and artistic vision. They fit flawlessly in your room as décor, yet serve your sanity by never causing you to misplace your favorite bracelet again.

The queen of home goods, Martha Stewart, has devised some really cute ideas (of course). One of my favorites is storing your jewelry in old china. Since they’re only for display and not for food consumption, it’s okay if they’re mismatched and have a few chips here or there. It only adds to the charm. Old china can easily (and cheaply!) be found at garage sales and consignment stores. Feel free to pick varieties of color, shapes and designs

Another idea for the artsy type is to use watercolor palettes, which can be perused or found at craft stores. The small wells are perfect for holding small items like rings and earrings and the colors of your trinkets will pop, brightening up any space.

If you’re looking for some additional wall art, simple frames can easily be transformed into a necklace display. Really all that’s necessary is a frame, wire and eyehooks. Martha Stewart has a very easy how-to guide, complete with a step-by-step video.

Hanging spice racks can be spray painted to match any room and mounted within close reach. Branches from a craft store attached to a wooden base are ideal for displaying your bold pieces.

Jewelry is a personal statement of ourselves and therefore should be shown and admired. It can tell of our character, our travels and even our connections to others. What better way to show off your grandmother’s strand of pearls than in one of these great organization ideas?

How do you organize your jewelry?


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