Brighten Your Face with Highlighters

Bright, luminous cheeks made easy.

Highlighters are great to use in the summertime to simply enhance your already sun-kissed skin. It’s a sheer, shimmery, and natural way to reach that dewy summer glow, and can be a fun alternative to using bronzer. Here are some of my favorites, along with tips on how to apply them.

Benefit High Beam, $24

Benefit’s High Beam is a must-have for beauty buffs everywhere. The sheer and shimmery pink lightens the skin instantly, and the brush applicator is very easy to use. Simply use the brush to dab the product onto your skin, then blend it in with your fingers.

Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream Highlight, $24

I love the cute packaging as well as the creamy texture of this product. The Urbanglow highlight can be applied directly with your fingers; although it can feel slightly greasy when first applied, once you blend it into your skin, it dries to a matte finish. And best of all, you can choose from four super shimmery shades!

Nyx Tango With Bronzer Stick in Tango and Highlight, $9.99

This one is definitely the most affordable pick, and can be used as a highlight or a bronzer. Although there are four shades to pick from, I chose ‘Tango and Highlight’ as my favorite because it’s the lightest one. The product comes in the form of a stick, so it can be applied directly to the face and blended with your fingers. This one tends to stay pretty creamy, so be careful not to use too much.

After you have picked out the highlighter that works best for your skin tone and your budget, it’s important to learn exactly where on your face to apply it. Basically, a highlighter is meant to be applied to places on your face that naturally catch the light, so that more attention is drawn to these areas. The effect this creates helps to define your face and make it look more chiseled and slim. The most popular place to apply highlighter is right above your cheekbone, or slightly above where you would apply blush. It can also be applied down the front of your nose, or on your cupid’s bone, which is directly above your lips. After the product has been applied, be sure to blend it out with your fingers to get rid of any harsh lines, and create a more subtle look.


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