Back to Basics

Have a closet like this in no time!

Trends are so much fun but can be costly and even exhausting at times. It’s like once you get a hold of one, there is already another one on the way. I’m sure you can relate, right? I have some helpful tips that will keep your style current while saving money and time.

The first step is to stock up your closet with  important waist up essentials.

Buy a variety of quality tops. This includes tanks, button-ups, strapless, and various arm lengths. Try to stock up on tops that aren’t too busy and buy different materials. Silk, for example, looks chic and is a material that dresses up any outfit instantly. By having a variety of versatile tops, this will allow you to mix and match for all occasions.

Accessorize! This is the single most important way to show your personality to the world and really make any outfit, an outfit! So whether it be a cool hat, head wrap, or colorful bracelets, jazz it up! You will get a lot of use out of your little treasures and will keep your moolah in your pocket.

For me, it’s about thinking smarter by spending wisely. Of course we are all going to splurge once in awhile, but starting with the basics will give you more options that can be utilized more often.

Looking for places to get affordable tops and accessories? Try H&M, American Apparel, and Forever 21!


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