Make Your Own Christian Louboutin Heels!

Designer or DIY? You decide!

Alright, so here’s the deal. I don’t know about other college ladies, but I don’t have an extra 700 bucks lying around to spend on a pair of (absolutely gorgeous) Christian Louboutin heels with the ever-so-desired signature bright red sole. My solution? I grabbed a pair of black heels out of my closet and made some myself.

This is probably the easiest project ever, so even if you’re not a do-it-yourself diva, you can definitely master the art of making a pair of priceless designer shoes. I’m going to give it to you step-by-step so there’s absolutely no reason you can’t be rockin’ a pair the next time you strut your stuff out with your girls.

What You’ll Need:

-A pair of plain black heels
-Bright red spray paint, $4
-Thick masking tape, $3

Step One: Prime Your Shoes for the Paint Job

First, to ensure the spray paint goes on easily and smoothly, make sure the bottoms of your shoes are clean. Grab a washcloth and use warm, soapy water to get off all of the dirt and grime if you’ve worn them out a lot before, then make sure to dry them well.

Next, use masking tape to completely cover the edges around the bottom of the shoe and around the front part of the heel. You don’t want any of the paint seeping where it’s not supposed to be, so take your time and make sure you do it right because there’s no going back once the red paint is let loose.

After covering the shoes like shown in the picture above, wad up some newspaper and stick it inside the shoe to make sure nothing gets in there either. Just in case.

Step Two: Spray Those Babies Like Crazy

This is the fun part! Your shoes should be all ready to go, so set them in an area where it’s okay if it looks like something died in it and set the shoes so the soles are facing up. Make sure to shake up the spray paint then start spraying the shoes from about a foot away, making sure everything gets covered. After spraying, wait thirty seconds or so and go at it again, making sure you can’t see through to the black underneath.

Now comes the waiting game. Go turn on your favorite show because it will take an hour or two for the shoes to fully dry.

Step Three: Get Rid of the Tape

Once your shoes are dry, you can start removing the masking tape. It’s like opening a Christmas present you’ve been waiting your whole life for, people. Trust me.

Step Four: Drool, Take Lots of Pictures, and Show Them Off

Spray paint (or any paint of that matter) isn’t particularly great at sticking to the rubber that’s on shoes, so I’m not sure how long it’ll last. But who cares. Right now you have shoes that every girl all over the world is dreaming of, so go out and show them off! They look fabulous and no one is even going to be able to tell they’re fake. Unless you tell them… so don’t! It’ll be our little secret.

Too scared to wear them out? Use them as décor in your apartment! Have an empty shelf? They’d look great on display. With shoes like these, you have to show them off in one way or another.

Are you going to make your own designer shoes? If you do, send a picture to We want to see how they turn out!

♥AUTHOR: TEHRENE FIRMAN, Editor-in-Chief of Love Twenty

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2 Responses to Make Your Own Christian Louboutin Heels!

  1. I love this! Oprah wears them all the time (or used to) on her show. I think they are the most gorgeous shoes ever!

  2. Anonymous says:


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