Cover your Kindle (or Nook) in Style

Even your accessories can be in style!

We always think about dressing up our bodies in fabulous, luxurious clothing, covering our arms in the newest coveted, designer bag, and slipping on the highest slingbacks around, but there’s a new area to cover now. With e-books becoming ever popular, fashion designers have been shifting their attention from dressing our bodies and accessories to our electronic necessities.

Jonathan Adler’s Punctuation Cover: a bright attention getter, with a brilliant organizer layout on the inside cover, featuring a slot for a business card or nameplate. Her Great Gatsby and Great Expectations covers just evoke the greatness of the roaring 20’s and chic of Audrey Hepburn.

Kate Spade Jane Street Cover: A nod to Kate Spade’s classic minimalistic leather designs, these cases feature bright pops of color and whimsical quotes transporting you to a garden full of fresh flowers in the warmth of summer.

Alice Cover in Paper: For those who miss the look and feel of a good ole paperback, the Alice cover allows you to have the original with the conveniences of technology. Plus, what better way to get in the reading mood than with a quintessential tale like Alice in Wonderland?

Diane von Furstenberg Kayley Canvas Clutch Cover: Featuring some of the most famous von Furstenberg prints, these covers combine the nighttime elegance of a clutch with the functionality of a case to keep your Kindle secure. With multiple prints to choose from, there is one to fit every palette.

Cole Haan Hand-Woven Leather Kindle Cover with Hinge: For the guy reader in your life who may not be into the hot pink, flower strewn cover common for cases comes Cole Haan’s leather bound pieces. Well crafted and intricately tooled leather make these options perfect for any guy on the go.

The New Yorker Jacket: A perfect match for any girl who’s ever dreamed of becoming a writer (or just a deep appreciation for Carrie Bradshaw). These covers seem to effortlessly capture the very essence of the city.



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