The Rules of Keds

Wear your keds the right way!
With the summer season upon us, Keds are popping up everywhere and anywhere. Whether they’re a classic white or an artsy print, they fit just about anyone’s style. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they go with every type of style.

They’re cute, comfy, and spice up an otherwise sandal-packed shoe collection. With such a versatile shoe, it’s no wonder why so many girls are jumping to pair them with just about any outfit. But watch it, ladies – certain exclusions and rules do apply.
Don’t wear them with these: Flared-out pants. High-waisted pants with a flare at the bottom looks adorable paired with a summery top. However, the entire outfit can go wrong if you slip on your Keds. These shoes, or any other flat pair, worn with flares make you appear stumpy. Avoid it by going with wedges or pumps, instead.
Wear them with this: Cuffed jeans. Nothing screams summer more than a pair of cuffed jeans, a cardi, and Keds. Headed to a cookout? Try this look to avoid having to go barefoot for the family game of touch-football.
Don’t wear them with these: Maxi dresses. This garment already covers up loads of skin. It’s summer! You don’t want to cover it all up. Show off a little more by throwing on sandals, not Keds. Besides, you have to show off that pricey pedicure somehow.
Wear them with these: Skirts and sundresses. Balance your dose of girly with a dose of sporty. Pair a printed sundress with a basic Ked or throw on a patterned scarf with a simple skirt and add Keds to neutralize.
Don’t wear with these: Athletic shorts. Yes, Keds are a sneaker. But that doesn’t mean they should be worn as one. Stick to your Nikes and New Balances when throwing on athletic gear and heading to the gym. Save this cute footwear for outdoorsy activities.
Wear them with these: Non-cotton shorts. If you’re rocking patterned shorts, go with a solid-colored Ked. If you’ve opted for solid-covered shorts, however, try a printed Ked. They’ve got tons of cute options for you to choose from!
Keds are the ideal summer slip-ons. They reflect a laid-back attitude while looking adorable, too – perfect for warm days. Watch what you wear them with, though, or this shoe-fashion do can quickly turn into to a shoe-fashion don’t.
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  1. Anna says:

    Cute article! I love Keds 🙂

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