Beating the Birthday Blues

Better make a good wish this year!

Up until last year, I loved getting older. Each birthday was a special milestone to me. At age 10, I joined the double digits club, which by the way, is only cool when you first turn 10. At age 13, I was finally a teenager. Which again, is only cool to say when you initially turn 13. After that, the novelty of becoming a teenager wears off pretty fast. The next three years were all about hitting the pavement and cruising the road.

At 18 I could vote and get into all the under 21 clubs, which in retrospect were awful, but nonetheless a right of passage. Turning the big 2-1 needs no further explanation, and last year when I turned 22, I was in Germany touring ancient castles.

However, soon I will turn 23, which is a birthday I am dreading like the plague. Its not that I particularly despise getting older, it’s just that this year is filled with major uncertainty. I just graduated from college a month ago, and I still haven’t found my first “real” job. I’ve been waitlisted for a service program I really wanted to join and I as a result, I am debating whether or not I should take a leap of faith and apply for grad school, so late in the summer.

So many things are hanging in the balance and weighing me down, but I am determined to beat these birthday blues and embrace turning 23 with a positive attitude. If you are also in my situation, join me in beating the birthday blues, and lets celebrate the start of a great year. To make this birthday a good one, I have laid down a few ground rules to ensure that a fun filled day.

1. No Job/School Applications: Lately, my time has been consumed with applying for publishing and editing positions, and I am considering applying to grad school. While it’s always good to stay on top of the application process, taking my birthday off will invariably improve my mood.

2. Drink in Moderation: After you’ve had your 21st, it just isn’t classy to black out on your birthday.

3. Give Your Own Gift: Even though I am on a budget, I plan to treat myself to something like a new pair of shorts and a pedicure.

4. Sleep in: As simple as it sounds, I value my sleep, and sleeping in an extra hour on my birthday will guarantee that I have the energy to make it through the day’s festivities.

5. Try Something New: Since this is my first visit to the Big Apple, I want to experience all that New York has to offer. I want to eat somewhere that is unique to New York, I want to shop and I want to walk through Central Park.

Of course, once my birthday is over I’ll return to the daily grind of filling out job applications and browsing online job boards. Unless my birthday wish of becoming employed actually comes true!

How do you want to celebrate your upcoming birthday?


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